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    • Asset Bubbles and the Cost of Economic Fluctuations 

      Chauvin, Kyle; Laibson, David I.; Mollerstrom, Johanna Britta (Wiley, 2011)
      Lucas (1987, 2003) estimates that the cost of economic fluctuations is low; a social planner would pay no more than 0.1% of (permanent) consumption to eliminate all future business cycle fluctuations. The current paper ...
    • Capital Flows, Consumption Booms and Asset Bubbles: A Behavioural Alternative to the Savings Glut Hypothesis 

      Laibson, David I.; Mollerstrom, Johanna Britta (Royal Economic Society (Great Britain), 2010)
      Bernanke (2005) hypothesized that a “global savings glut” was causing large trade imbalances. However, we show that the global savings rates did not show a robust upward trend during the relevant period. Moreover, if there ...
    • Essays in Behavioral and Experimental Economics 

      Mollerstrom, Johanna Britta (2013-10-08)
      This dissertation consists of three essays which make use of laboratory experiments in order to investigate how procedural or contextual factors impact human behavior.