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    • Alternative Models for Moment Inequalities 

      Pakes, Ariel (Econometric Society, 2010)
      Behavioral choice models generate inequalities which, when combined with additional assumptions, can be used as a basis for estimation. This paper considers two sets of such assumptions and uses them in two empirical ...
    • Differentiated Products Demand Systems from a Combination of Micro and Macro Data: The New Car Market 

      Berry, Steven; Levinsohn, James; Pakes, Ariel (University of Chicago Press, 2004)
      In this paper, we consider how rich sources of information on consumer choice can help to identify demand parameters in a widely used class of differentiated products demand models. Most important, we show how to use ...
    • Empirical tools and competition analysis: Past progress and current problems 

      Pakes, Ariel (Elsevier BV, 2017)
      I review a subset of the empirical tools available for competition analysis. The tools discussed are those needed for the empirical analysis of; demand, production efficiency, product repositioning, and the evolution of ...
    • Essays in Applied Microeconomics 

      Dette, Tilman C. (2016-05-11)
      This thesis combines three essays in applied microeconomics. The first essay studies hospital responses to price changes and the introduction of DRG reimbursements; using a large administrative data set on all inpatient ...
    • Essays in Empirical Matching 

      Agarwal, Nikhil (2013-10-08)
      This thesis combines three essays on empirical applications and methods in two-sided matching markets. The first essay uses existing methods to estimate preferences for schools using rank order lists from New York City's ...
    • Essays in Industrial Organization and Finance 

      Covert, Thomas Rutford (2014-06-06)
      This dissertation consists of two essays on the behavior of traders in opaque financial markets and one on the behavior of firms while they are learning to use a new technology.
    • Essays in Industrial Organization and Microeconomics 

      Egesdal, Michael Dannen (2016-05-12)
      Chapter 1 provides descriptive evidence of the large variation in spatial clustering across retail industries, and develops a game-theoretic structural model which can explain this phenomenon. The model is estimated and ...
    • Essays in the Industrial Organization of Internet Markets 

      Lai, Zhenyu (2015-05-11)
      This dissertation contains essays that explore the incentives, mechanisms and strategies of platforms in concentrated internet markets. The first essay studies how two-sided platforms compete and set dynamic prices. In ...
    • Essays on Health Insurance and Annuities 

      Shepard, Mark (2015-05-14)
      Insurance creates an important source of economic well-being by providing for beneficiaries in times of need. But because a variety of forces may inhibit the proper functioning of insurance markets, governments are deeply ...
    • Essays on Industrial Organization 

      Sinkinson, Michael (2012-08-06)
      This dissertation consists of three essays in the area of Industrial Organization. The first essay established the theoretical motivations for, and implications of, exclusive contracts, with an application to smartphones. ...
    • Essays on Industrial Organization 

      Wollmann, Thomas G. (2015-05-21)
      This dissertation comprises three essays on industrial organization. The first essay studies how product-level entry and exit decisions impact business and public policy analysis. It provides an empirical model that ...
    • Essays on Industry Response to Energy and Environmental Policy 

      Sweeney, Richard Leonard (2015-05-17)
      This dissertation consists of three essays on the relationship between firm incentives and energy and environmental policy outcomes. Chapters 1 and 2 study the impact of the 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments on the United ...
    • The Evolution of Health Insurer Costs in Massachusetts, 2010-12 

      Ho, Kate; Pakes, Ariel; Shepard, Mark Abraham (2010)
      We analyze the evolution of health insurer costs in Massachusetts between 2010-2012, paying particular attention to changes in the composition of enrollees. This was a period in which Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) ...
    • Hospital Choices, Hospital Prices, and Financial Incentives to Physicians 

      Ho, Kate; Pakes, Ariel (American Economic Association, 2014-12)
      We estimate an insurer-specific preference function which rationalizes hospital referrals for privately insured births in California. The function is additively separable in: a hospital price paid by the insurer, the ...
    • Moment Inequalities and Their Application 

      Porter, J.; Ho, Kate; Ishii, Joy; Pakes, Ariel (The Econometric Society, 2015-01)
      This paper provides conditions under which the inequality constraints generated by either single agent optimizing behavior or the best response condition of multiple agent problems can be used as a basis for estimation and ...
    • Multiple Equilibria and Selection by Learning in an Applied Setting 

      Lee, Robin S.; Pakes, Ariel (Elsevier BV, 2009-07)
      We explore two complementary approaches to counterfactual analysis in an empirical ATM network example with multiple equilibria. First we simply enumerate and compare the possible equilibria. Second, we examine how different ...
    • On Patents, R & D, and the Stock Market Rate of Return 

      Pakes, Ariel (University of Chicago Press, 1985)
      Empirical work on the causes and effects of inventive activity has had difficulty in finding measures that can indicate when and where changes in either inventive inputs or inventive output have occurred. The recent ...
    • Optimum Contracts for Research Personnel, Research Employment, and the Establishment of "Rival" Enterprises 

      Pakes, Ariel; Nitzan, Shmuel (University of Chicago Press, 1983)
      This paper considers the problem of hiring scientists for research and development projects when one takes explicit account of the fact that the scientist may be able to use the information acquired during the project in ...
    • Physician Payment Reform and Hospital Referrals 

      Ho, Kate; Pakes, Ariel (American Economic Association, 2014-05)