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    • Continuous directed evolution of DNA-binding proteins to improve TALEN specificity 

      Hubbard, Basil P.; Badran, Ahmed H.; Zuris, John A.; Guilinger, John P.; Davis, Kevin M.; Chen, Liwei; Tsai, Shengdar Q.; Sander, Jeffry D.; Joung, J. Keith; Liu, David R. (2015)
      Nucleases containing programmable DNA-binding domains can alter the genomes of model organisms and have the potential to become human therapeutics. Here we present DNA-binding phage-assisted continuous evolution (DB-PACE) ...
    • Directed Evolution and Engineering of CRISPR-Associated Nucleases 

      Davis, Kevin Michael (2016-09-12)
      CRISPR-Cas systems provide prokaryotes with a remarkable mechanism for adaptive immunity, and recent efforts to understand these systems have provided tremendous insight into the complex nature of these systems. Despite ...
    • Small Molecule-Triggered Cas9 Protein with Improved Genome-Editing Specificity 

      Davis, Kevin M.; Pattanayak, Vikram; Thompson, David B.; Zuris, John A.; Liu, David R. (2015)
      Directly modulating the activity of genome-editing proteins has the potential to increase their specificity by reducing activity following target locus modification. We developed Cas9 nucleases that are activated by the ...