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    • Elliptic Cohomology I: Spectral Abelian Varieties 

      Lurie, Jacob Alexander (2017-11-29)
    • Equivariant Weiss Calculus and Loops of Stiefel Manifolds 

      Tynan, Philip Douglas (2016-05-18)
      In the mid 1980s, Steve Mitchell and Bill Richter produced a filtration of the Stiefel manifolds O(V ;W) and U(V ;W) of orthogonal and unitary, respectively, maps V -> V ⊕W stably split as a wedge sum of Thom spaces defined ...
    • Goodwillie Approximations to Higher Categories 

      Heuts, Gijsbert (2015-05-14)
      Goodwillie calculus involves the approximation of functors between higher categories by so-called polynomial functors. We show (under mild hypotheses) how to associate to a higher category C a Goodwillie tower, consisting ...
    • The mod 2 homology of free spectral Lie algebras 

      Antolin Camarena, Omar (2015-05-14)
      The Goodwillie derivatives of the identity functor on pointed spaces form an operad ∂(Id) in spectra. We compute the mod 2 homology of free algebras for this operad on suspension spectra of simply-connected spaces.
    • A Survey of Elliptic Cohomology 

      Lurie, Jacob Alexander (Springer, 2009)
    • Topological Quantum Field Theories from Compact Lie Groups 

      Freed, Daniel; Hopkins, Michael J.; Lurie, Jacob Alexander; Teleman, Constantin (American Mathematical Society, 2010)
      It is a long-standing question to extend the definition of 3-dimensional Chern-Simons theory to one which associates values to 1-manifolds with boundary and to 0-manifolds. We provide a solution in case the gauge group is ...