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    • Polymorphisms in the Gene That Encodes the Iron Transport Protein Ferroportin 1 Influence Susceptibility to Tuberculosis 

      Baker, Meghan Ann; Wilson, Douglas; Wallengren, Kristina; Sandgren, Andreas; Iartchouk, Oleg; Broodie, Nisha Monique; Goonesekera, Sunali D.; Sabeti, Pardis Christine; Murray, Megan Blanche (Oxford University Press, 2012)
      Background: We studied the association between iron intake and polymorphisms in the iron transporter gene, SLC40A1, and the risk of tuberculosis. Methods: We compared iron intake, the frequency of SLC40A1 mutations, and ...
    • Prospective influenza vaccine safety surveillance using fresh data in the Sentinel System† 

      Yih, Weiling Katherine; Kulldorff, Martin; Sandhu, Sukhminder K.; Zichittella, Lauren; Maro, Judith C.; Cole, David V.; Jin, Robert; Kawai, Alison Tse; Baker, Meghan A.; Liu, Chunfu; McMahill‐Walraven, Cheryl N.; Selvan, Mano S.; Platt, Richard; Nguyen, Michael D.; Lee, Grace M. (John Wiley and Sons Inc., 2015)
      Abstract Purpose To develop the infrastructure to conduct timely active surveillance for safety of influenza vaccines and other medical countermeasures in the Sentinel System (formerly the Mini‐Sentinel Pilot), a Food and ...