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    • Adaptive resistance to therapeutic PD-1 blockade is associated with upregulation of alternative immune checkpoints 

      Koyama, Shohei; Akbay, Esra A.; Li, Yvonne Y.; Herter-Sprie, Grit S.; Buczkowski, Kevin A.; Richards, William G.; Gandhi, Leena; Redig, Amanda J.; Rodig, Scott J.; Asahina, Hajime; Jones, Robert E.; Kulkarni, Meghana M.; Kuraguchi, Mari; Palakurthi, Sangeetha; Fecci, Peter E.; Johnson, Bruce E.; Janne, Pasi A.; Engelman, Jeffrey A.; Gangadharan, Sidharta P.; Costa, Daniel B.; Freeman, Gordon J.; Bueno, Raphael; Hodi, F. Stephen; Dranoff, Glenn; Wong, Kwok-Kin; Hammerman, Peter S. (Nature Publishing Group, 2016)
      Despite compelling antitumour activity of antibodies targeting the programmed death 1 (PD-1): programmed death ligand 1 (PD-L1) immune checkpoint in lung cancer, resistance to these therapies has increasingly been observed. ...
    • AKAP9 regulates activation-induced retention of T lymphocytes at sites of inflammation 

      Herter, Jan M.; Grabie, Nir; Cullere, Xavier; Azcutia, Veronica; Rosetti, Florencia; Bennett, Paul; Herter-Sprie, Grit S.; Elyaman, Wassim; Luscinskas, Francis W.; Lichtman, Andrew H.; Mayadas, Tanya N. (Nature Publishing Group, 2015)
      The mechanisms driving T cell homing to lymph nodes and migration to tissue are well described but little is known about factors that affect T cell egress from tissues. Here, we generate mice with a T cell-specific deletion ...
    • Image-guided radiotherapy platform using single nodule conditional lung cancer mouse models 

      Herter-Sprie, Grit S.; Korideck, Houari; Christensen, Camilla L.; Herter, Jan M.; Rhee, Kevin; Berbeco, Ross I.; Bennett, David G.; Akbay, Esra A.; Kozono, David; Mak, Raymond H.; Makrigiorgos, G. Mike; Kimmelman, Alec C.; Wong, Kwok-Kin (2014)
      Close resemblance of murine and human trials is essential to achieve the best predictive value of animal-based translational cancer research. Kras-driven genetically engineered mouse models of non-small cell lung cancer ...