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    • Connectomes across development reveal principles of brain maturation 

      Witvliet, Daniel; Mulcahy, Ben; Mitchell, James; Meirovitch, Yaron; Berger, Daniel; Wu, Yuelong; Liu, Yufang; Koh, Wan Xian; Parvathala, Rajeev; Holmyard, Douglas; Schalek, Richard; Shavit, Nir; Chisholm, Andrew; Lichtman, Jeff; Samuel, Aravi; Zhen, Mei (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, 2020-04-30)
      From birth to adulthood, an animal’s nervous system changes as its body grows and its behaviours mature. The form and extent of circuit remodelling across the connectome is unknown. We used serial-section electron microscopy ...
    • Pan-neuronal imaging in roaming Caenorhabditis elegans 

      Venkatachalam, Vivek; Ji, Ni; Wang, Xian-Ling; Clark, Christopher Luce; Mitchell, James Kameron; Klein, Mason Joseph; Tabone, Christopher; Florman, Jeremy; Ji, Hongfei; Greenwood, Joel S.f.; Chisholm, Andrew; Srinivasan, Jagan; Alkema, Mark; Zhen, Mei; Samuel, Aravinthan DT (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2015)
      We present an imaging system for pan-neuronal recording in crawling Caenorhabditis elegans. A spinning disk confocal microscope, modified for automated tracking of the C. elegans head ganglia, simultaneously records the ...