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    • Digital Instability of a Confined Elastic Meniscus 

      Biggins, John S.; Saintyves, Baudouin; Wei, Zhiyan; Bouchaud, Elisabeth; Mahadevan, Lakshminarayanan (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2013)
      Thin soft elastic layers serving as joints between relatively rigid bodies may function as sealants, thermal, electrical, or mechanical insulators, bearings, or adhesives. When such a joint is stressed, even though perfect ...
    • Fluid-driven fingering instability of a confined elastic meniscus 

      Biggins, John S.; Wei, Z; Mahadevan, Lakshminarayanan (IOP Publishing, 2015)
      When a fluid is pumped into a cavity in a confined elastic layer, at a critical pressure, destabilizing fingers of fluid invade the elastic solid along its meniscus (Saintyves B. et al., Phys. Rev. Lett., 111 (2013) 047801). ...
    • Studies in discrete and continuum mechanics 

      Wei, Zhiyan (2014-06-06)
      We have used a combination of theory and computation to investigate collective aspects of discrete mechanical systems. The analysis involves considerations from geometry, elasticity and hydrodynamics. We have developed ...