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    • Incentive-Compatible Escrow Mechanisms 

      Witkowski, Jens; Seuken, Sven; Parkes, David C. (American Association for Artificial Intelligence, 2011)
      The most prominent way to establish trust between buyers and sellers on online auction sites are reputation mechanisms. Two drawbacks of this approach are the reliance on the seller being long-lived and the susceptibility ...
    • Peer Prediction without a Common Prior 

      Witkowski, Jens; Parkes, David C. (ACM Press, 2012)
      Reputation mechanisms at online opinion forums, such as Amazon Reviews, elicit ratings from users about their experience with different products. Crowdsourcing applications, such as image tagging on Amazon Mechanical Turk, ...
    • A Robust Bayesian Truth Serum for Small Populations 

      Witkowski, Jens; Parkes, David C. (Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence, 2012)
      Peer prediction mechanisms allow the truthful elicitation of private signals (e.g., experiences, or opinions) in regard to a true world state when this ground truth is unobservable. The original peer prediction method is ...