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    • Diagnostic accuracy of the bronchodilator response in children 

      Tse, Szewah; Gold, Diane R.; Sordillo, Joanne; Hoffman, Elaine; Gillman, Matthew William; Rifas-Shiman, Sheryl Lynn; Fuhlbrigge, Anne Louise; Tantisira, Kelan; Weiss, Scott Tillman; Litonjua, Augusto Ampil (Elsevier BV, 2013)
      Background: The bronchodilator response (BDR) reflects the reversibility of airflow obstruction and is recommended as an adjunctive test to diagnose asthma. The validity of the commonly used definition of BDR, a 12% or ...
    • Lipoprotein(a) for Risk Assessment in Patients With Established Coronary Artery Disease 

      O, Michelle L.; Morrow, David Andrew; Tsimikas, Sotirios; Sloan, Sarah; Ren, Angela F.; Hoffman, Elaine; Desai, Nihar R.; Solomon, Scott David; Domanski, Michael; Arai, Kiyohito; Chiuve, Stephanie Elizabeth; Cannon, Christopher Paul; Sacks, Frank Martin; Sabatine, Marc Steven (Elsevier BV, 2014)
      OBJECTIVES: The purpose of this study was to assess the prognostic utility of lipoprotein(a) [Lp(a)] in individuals with coronary artery disease (CAD). BACKGROUND: Data regarding an association between Lp(a) and ...
    • Prenatal Arsenic Exposure and DNA Methylation in Maternal and Umbilical Cord Blood Leukocytes 

      Kile, Molly Louise; Baccarelli, Andrea; Hoffman, Elaine Borland; Tarantini, Letizia; Quamruzzaman, Quazi; Rahman, Mahmuder; Mahiuddin, Golam; Mostofa, Golam; Hsueh, Yu-Mei; Wright, Robert O.; Christiani, David C. (National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, 2012)
      Background: Arsenic is an epigenetic toxicant and could influence fetal developmental programming. Objectives: We evaluated the association between arsenic exposure and DNA methylation in maternal and umbilical cord ...