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    • Anatomic and Molecular Development of Corticostriatal Projection Neurons in Mice 

      Sohur, Usharbudh Shivraj; Padmanabhan, Hari; Kotchetkov, Ivan S.; Menezes, Joao R.L.; Macklis, Jeffrey Daniel (Oxford University Press, 2013-03-18)
      Corticostriatal projection neurons (CStrPN) project from the neocortex to ipsilateral and contralateral striata to control and coordinate motor programs and movement. They are clinically important as the predominant cortical ...
    • Lmo4 Establishes Rostral Motor Cortex Projection Neuron Subtype Diversity 

      Cederquist, G. Y.; Azim, E.; Shnider, S. J.; Padmanabhan, Hari; Macklis, Jeffrey Daniel (Society for Neuroscience, 2013)
      The mammalian neocortex is parcellated into anatomically and functionally distinct areas. The establishment of area-specific neuronal diversity and circuit connectivity enables distinct neocortical regions to control diverse ...
    • Molecular logic of neocortical projection neuron specification, development and diversity 

      Greig, Luciano Custo; Woodworth, Mollie Ann; Galazo, Maria Jose; Padmanabhan, Hari; Macklis, Jeffrey Daniel (Nature Publishing Group, 2013)
      The sophisticated circuitry of the neocortex is assembled from a diverse repertoire of neuronal subtypes generated during development under precise molecular regulation. In recent years, several key controls over the ...