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    • Electronically programmable photonic molecule 

      Zhang, Mian; Wang, Cheng; Hu, Yaowen; Shams Ansari, Amirhassan; Ren, Tianhao; Fan, Shanhui; Loncar, Marko (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2018-12-14)
      Physical systems with discrete energy levels are ubiquitous in nature and are fundamental building blocks of quantum technology. Realizing controllable artificial atom- and molecule-like systems for light would enable ...
    • Non-reciprocal transmission of microwave acoustic waves in nonlinear parity–time symmetric resonators 

      Shao, Linbo; Mao, Wenbo; Maity, Smarak; Sinclair, Neil; Hu, Yaowen; Yang, Lan; Lončar, Marko (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2020-05-18)
      Taking advantage of the piezoelectricity of lithium niobate, we achieve nonreciprocal transmission of 10 decibels for a 200-MHz surface acoustic wave using parity-time- symmetric resonators and demonstrate one-way circulation ...
    • On-chip electro-optic frequency shifters and beam splitters 

      Hu, Yaowen; Yu, Mengjie; Shams Ansari, Amirhassan; Sinclair, Neil; Holzgrafe, Jeffrey; Puma, Eric; Zhang, Mian; Shao, Linbo; Loncar, Marko (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2021-11-24)
      Efficient frequency shifting and beam splitting is important for a wide range of applications, including atomic physics1,2, microwave photonics3–6, optical communication7,8, and photonic quantum computing9–14. However, ...