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    • Intracoronary Delivery of Mitochondria to the Ischemic Heart for Cardioprotection 

      Cowan, Douglas B.; Yao, Rouan; Akurathi, Vamsidhar; Snay, Erin R.; Thedsanamoorthy, Jerusha K.; Zurakowski, David; Ericsson, Maria; Friehs, Ingeborg; Wu, Yaotang; Levitsky, Sidney; del Nido, Pedro J.; Packard, Alan B.; McCully, James D. (Public Library of Science, 2016)
      We have previously shown that transplantation of autologously derived, respiration-competent mitochondria by direct injection into the heart following transient ischemia and reperfusion enhances cell viability and contractile ...
    • Retinal lipid and glucose metabolism dictates angiogenesis through the lipid sensor Ffar1 

      Joyal, Jean-Sébastien; Sun, Ye; Gantner, Marin L; Shao, Zhuo; Evans, Lucy P; Saba, Nicholas; Fredrick, Thomas; Burnim, Samuel; Kim, Jin Sung; Patel, Gauri; Juan, Aimee M; Hurst, Christian G; Hatton, Colman J; Cui, Zhenghao; Pierce, Kerry A; Bherer, Patrick; Aguilar, Edith; Powner, Michael B; Vevis, Kristis; Boisvert, Michel; Fu, Zhongjie; Levy, Emile; Fruttiger, Marcus; Packard, Alan Brent; Rezende, Flavio A; Maranda, Bruno; Sapieha, Przemyslaw; Chen, Jing; Friedlander, Martin; Clish, Clary B; Smith, Lois Elaine Hodgson (Nature Publishing Group, 2016)
      Tissues with high metabolic rates often use lipids, as well as glucose, for energy, conferring a survival advantage during feast and famine1. Current dogma suggests that high-energy–consuming photoreceptors depend on ...