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    • Building A Three Dimensional Universe From The Classroom: Multiperspective Visualization For Non-science Undergraduates 

      Ladd, E; Udomprasert, Patricia S; Nottis, Kathryn E. K.; Goodman, Alyssa (2016)
      We develop three-dimensional mental models of our physical environs from two dimensional imagery we collect with our eyes. This is possible only because we move through that environment, viewing it from multiple perspectives, ...
    • Optimal Model-Order for a Moon Phases Lab with Virtual and Physical Components 

      Udomprasert, Patricia S; Goodman, Alyssa; Sadler, Philip M.; Johnson, E.; Lotridge, E; Jackson, J; Constantin, A; Zhang, Z.H.; Sundury, S.; Wang, Q; Dussault, M.; Trouille, L (American Educational Research Association, 2015)
    • Visualizing Moon Phases with WorldWide Telescope 

      Udomprasert, Patricia S; Goodman, Alyssa; Sunbury, Susan; Zhang, Zhihui Helen; Sadler, Philip M.; Dussault, Mary; Block, Sarah; Lotridge, Erin; Jackson, Jonathan; Constantin, Ana-Maria (Astronomical Society of the Pacific, 2014)
      We report preliminary results from an NSF-funded project to build, test, and research the impact of a WorldWide Telescope Visualization Lab (WWT Vizlab), meant to offer learners a deeper physical understanding of the causes ...
    • WorldWide Telescope Ambassadors: A Year 3 Update 

      Udomprasert, Patricia S; Goodman, Alyssa; Wong, Curtis (Astronomical Society of the Pacific, 2013)
      We give a brief overview of some key features of WorldWide Telescope and its Ambassadors Program, and we describe two goals for expanding the program in the coming year: scaling up training efforts; and developing “plug ...
    • WWT Ambassadors: WorldWide Telescope for Interactive Learning 

      Udomprasert, Patricia S; Goodman, Alyssa; Wong, Curtis (Astronomical Society of the Pacific, 2012)
      In our presentation, we demonstrated some key features of the WorldWide Telescope (WWT). Here we describe the results of a WWT Ambassadors (WWTA) Pilot Study where volunteer Ambassadors helped sixth-graders use WWT during ...