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    • Developmental Bias in Cleavage-Stage Mouse Blastomeres 

      Tabansky, Inna; Lenarcic, Alan; Draft, Ryan Wesley; Loulier, Karine; Keskin, Derin Benerci; Rosains, Jacqueline; Rivera-Feliciano, Jose; Lichtman, Jeff; Livet, Jean; Stern, Joel N H; Sanes, Joshua R.; Eggan, Kevin Carl (Elsevier BV, 2013)
      BACKGROUND: The cleavage-stage mouse embryo is composed of superficially equivalent blastomeres that will generate both the embryonic inner cell mass (ICM) and the supportive trophectoderm (TE). However, it remains unsettled ...
    • Multispectral labeling technique to map many neighboring axonal projections in the same tissue 

      Tsuriel, Shlomo; Gudes, Sagi; Draft, Ryan Wesley; Binshtok, Alexander M.; Lichtman, Jeff (Nature Publishing Group, 2015)
      We describe a method to map the location of axonal arbors of many individual neurons simultaneously based on the spectral properties of retrogradely transported dyelabeled vesicles. We inject overlapping regions of an axon ...