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    • The cold-induced lipokine 12,13-diHOME promotes fatty acid transport into brown adipose tissue 

      Lynes, Matthew David; Leiria, Luiz; Lundh, Morten; Bartelt, Alexander; Shamsi, Farnaz; Huang, Tianwen; Takahashi, Hirokazu; Hirshman, Michael F; Schlein, Christian; Lee, Alexandra; Baer, Lisa A; May, Francis J; Gao, Fei; Narain, Niven R; Chen, Emily Y; Kiebish, Michael A; Cypess, Aaron; Blüher, Matthias; Goodyear, Laurie Joy; Hotamisligil, Gokhan S.; Stanford, Kristin I; Tseng, Yu-Hua (Springer Nature, 2017)
      Brown adipose tissue (BAT) and beige adipose tissue combust fuels for heat production in adult humans, and so constitute an appealing target for the treatment of metabolic disorders such as obesity, diabetes and ...