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    • Enhanced multiplex genome engineering through co-operative oligonucleotide co-selection 

      Carr, Peter A.; Wang, Harris He; Sterling, Bram; Isaacs, Farren J.; Lajoie, Marc Joseph; Xu, George Jing; Church, George McDonald; Jacobson, Joseph M. (Oxford University Press, 2012)
      Genome-scale engineering of living organisms requires precise and economical methods to efficiently modify many loci within chromosomes. One such example is the directed integration of chemically synthesized single-stranded ...
    • Genome-Scale Promoter Engineering by Coselection MAGE 

      Wang, Harris He; Kim, Hwangbeom; Cong, Le; Jeong, Jaehwan; Bang, Duhee; Church, George McDonald (Nature Publishing Group, 2012)
      Multiplex Automated Genome Engineering (MAGE) employs short oligonucleotides to scarlessly modify genomes. However, insertions of >10 bases are still inefficient, but can be improved substantially by selection of highly ...
    • Improving Lambda Red Genome Engineering in Escherichia coli via Rational Removal of Endogenous Nucleases 

      Mosberg, Joshua Adam Weintrob; Gregg, Christopher; Lajoie, Marc Joseph; Wang, Harris He; Church, George McDonald (Public Library of Science, 2012)
      Lambda Red recombineering is a powerful technique for making targeted genetic changes in bacteria. However, many applications are limited by the frequency of recombination. Previous studies have suggested that endogenous ...