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    • Intermediate filaments enable pathogen docking to trigger type 3 effector translocation 

      Russo, Brian C.; Stamm, Luisa M.; Raaben, Matthijs; Kim, Caleb M.; Kahoud, Emily; Robinson, Lindsey R.; Bose, Sayantan; Queiroz, Ana L.; Herrera, Bobby Brooke; Baxt, Leigh A.; Mor-Vaknin, Nirit; Fu, Yang; Molina, Gabriel; Markovitz, David M.; Whelan, Sean P.; Goldberg, Marcia B. (2016)
      Type 3 secretion systems (T3SSs) of bacterial pathogens translocate bacterial effector proteins that mediate disease into the eukaryotic cytosol. Effectors traverse the plasma membrane through a translocon pore formed by ...
    • A Single Residue in Ebola Virus Receptor NPC1 Influences Cellular Host Range in Reptiles 

      Ndungo, Esther; Herbert, Andrew S.; Raaben, Matthijs; Obernosterer, Gregor; Biswas, Rohan; Miller, Emily Happy; Wirchnianski, Ariel S.; Carette, Jan E.; Brummelkamp, Thijn R.; Whelan, Sean P.; Dye, John M.; Chandran, Kartik (American Society for Microbiology, 2016)
      ABSTRACT Filoviruses are the causative agents of an increasing number of disease outbreaks in human populations, including the current unprecedented Ebola virus disease (EVD) outbreak in western Africa. One obstacle to ...
    • The Ebola virus glycoprotein mediates entry via a non-classical dynamin-dependent macropinocytic pathway 

      Mulherkar, Nirupama; Raaben, Matthijs; Torre, Juan la; Whelan, Sean P.; Chandran, Kartik (SAGE Publications, 2011)
      Ebola virus (EBOV) has been reported to enter cultured cell lines via a dynamin-2-independent macropinocytic pathway or clathrin-mediated endocytosis. The route(s) of productive EBOV internalization into physiologically ...