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    • A Nonsimultaneous, Extended, Altruistic-Donor Chain 

      Rees, Michael Kenneth; Kopke, Jonathan E.; Pelletier, Ronald P.; Segev, Dorry L.; Rutter, Matthew E.; Fabrega, Alfredo J.; Rogers, Jeffrey David; Pankewycz, Oleh G.; Hiller, Janet; Roth, Alvin E.; Sandholm, Tuomas; Ünver, M. Utku; Montgomery, Robert Armstrong (New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM/MMS), 2009)
      We report a chain of 10 kidney transplantations, initiated in July 2007 by a single altruistic donor (i.e., a donor without a designated recipient) and coordinated over a period of 8 months by two large paired-donation ...