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    • EFEMP1 induces γ-secretase/Notch-mediated temozolomide resistance in glioblastoma 

      Hiddingh, Lotte; Tannous, Bakhos A.; Teng, Jian; Tops, Bas; Jeuken, Judith; Hulleman, Esther; Boots-Sprenger, Sandra H.; Vandertop, W. Peter; Noske, David P.; Kaspers, Gertjan J.L.; Wesseling, Pieter; Wurdinger, Thomas (Impact Journals LLC, 2014)
      Glioblastoma is the most common malignant primary brain tumor. Temozolomide (TMZ) is the standard chemotherapeutic agent for this disease. However, intrinsic and acquired TMZ-resistance represents a major obstacle for this ...
    • Therapeutic potential of targeting microRNA‐10b in established intracranial glioblastoma: first steps toward the clinic 

      Teplyuk, Nadiya M; Uhlmann, Erik J; Gabriely, Galina; Volfovsky, Natalia; Wang, Yang; Teng, Jian; Karmali, Priya; Marcusson, Eric; Peter, Merlene; Mohan, Athul; Kraytsberg, Yevgenya; Cialic, Ron; Chiocca, E Antonio; Godlewski, Jakub; Tannous, Bakhos; Krichevsky, Anna M (John Wiley and Sons Inc., 2016)
      Abstract MicroRNA‐10b (miR‐10b) is a unique oncogenic miRNA that is highly expressed in all GBM subtypes, while absent in normal neuroglial cells of the brain. miR‐10b inhibition strongly impairs proliferation and survival ...
    • Triple Bioluminescence Imaging for In Vivo Monitoring of Cellular Processes 

      Maguire, Casey A; Bovenberg, M Sarah; Crommentuijn, Matheus HW; Niers, Johanna M; Kerami, Mariam; Teng, Jian; Sena-Esteves, Miguel; Badr, Christian E; Tannous, Bakhos A (Nature Publishing Group, 2013)
      Bioluminescence imaging (BLI) has shown to be crucial for monitoring in vivo biological processes. So far, only dual bioluminescence imaging using firefly (Fluc) and Renilla or Gaussia (Gluc) luciferase has been achieved ...