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    • Direct-Liquid-Evaporation Chemical Vapor Deposition of Nanocrystalline Cobalt Metal for Nanoscale Copper Interconnect Encapsulation 

      Feng, Jun; Gong, Xian; Lou, Xiabing; Gordon, Roy Gerald (American Chemical Society (ACS), 2017)
      In advanced microelectronics, precise design of liner and capping layers become critical, especially when it comes to the fabrication of Cu interconnects with dimensions lower than its mean free path. Herein, we demonstrate ...
    • Epitaxial Growth of MgxCa1–xO on GaN by Atomic Layer Deposition 

      Lou, Xiabing; Zhou, Hong; Kim, Sang Bok; Alghamdi, Sami; Gong, Xian; Feng, Jun; Wang, Xinwei; Ye, Peide D.; Gordon, Roy Gerald (American Chemical Society (ACS), 2016)
      We demonstrate for the first time that a singlecrystalline epitaxial MgxCa1−xO film can be deposited on gallium nitride (GaN) by atomic layer deposition (ALD). By adjusting the ratio between the amounts of Mg and Ca in the ...
    • Vapor Deposition of Copper-Manganese Interconnects 

      Gordon, Roy Gerald; Feng, Jun; Li, Kecheng; Gong, Xian (IEEE, 2016)
      Chemical vapor deposition (CVD) of copper and manganese can produce interconnects scaled down to below 10 nm, while enhancing their conductivity and lifetime. CVD using similar super-conformal processes can enable very ...