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    • Extreme Resistance of Bdelloid Rotifers to Ionizing Radiation 

      Gladyshev, Evgeniy; Meselson, Matthew (National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 2008)
      Rotifers of class Bdelloidea are common invertebrate animals with highly unusual characteristics, including apparently obligate asexuality, the ability to resume reproduction after desiccation at any life stage, and a ...
    • Massive Horizontal Gene Transfer in Bdelloid Rotifers 

      Gladyshev, Evgeniy; Meselson, Matthew; Arkhipova, Irina (Science, 2008)
      Horizontal gene transfer in metazoans has been documented in only a few species and is usually associated with endosymbiosis or parasitism. By contrast, in bdelloid rotifers we found many genes that appear to have originated ...