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    • Genetic Targeting of the Endoderm with Claudin-6CreER 

      Anderson, William J.; Zhou, Qiao; Alcalde, Victor; Kaneko, Osamu F; Blank, Leah J; Sherwood, Richard Irving; Guseh, James Sawalla; Rajagopal, Jayaraj; Melton, Douglas A. (Wiley-Blackwell, 2008)
      A full description of the ontogeny of the β cell would guide efforts to generate β cells from embryonic stem cells (ESCs). The first step requires an understanding of definitive endoderm: the genes and signals responsible ...
    • Notch signaling promotes airway mucous metaplasia and inhibits alveolar development 

      Guseh, James Sawalla; Bores, S. A.; Stanger, B. Z.; Zhou, Qiao; Anderson, William J.; Melton, Douglas A.; Rajagopal, Jayaraj (The Company of Biologists, 2009)
      The airways are conduits that transport atmospheric oxygen to the distal alveolus. Normally, airway mucous cells are rare. However, diseases of the airway are often characterized by mucous metaplasia, in which there are ...