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    • Analysis of Somatic Microsatellite Indels Identifies Driver Events in Human Tumors 

      Maruvka, Yosef; Mouw, Kent; Karlic, Rosa; Parasuraman, Prasanna; Kamburov, Atanas; Polak, Paz; Haradhvala, Nicholas; Hess, Julian; Rheinbay, Esther; Brody, Yehuda; Koren, Amnon; Braunstein, Lior; D'Andrea, Alan; Lawrence, Michael; Bass, Adam; Bernards, Andre; Michor, Franziska; Getz, Gad (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2017-09-11)
      Microsatellites (MSs) are tracts of variable-length repeats of short DNA motifs that exhibit high rates of mutation in the form of insertions or deletions (indels) of the repeated motif. Despite their prevalence, the ...