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    • A Full-Genomic Sequence-Verified Protein-Coding Gene Collection for Francisella tularensis 

      Murthy, Tal; Raphael, Jacob; Moreira, Donna; Kelley, Fontina; Taycher, Elena; Brizuela, Leonardo; LaBaer, Joshua; Petrosino, Joseph; Rolfs, Andreas; Hu, Yanhui; McCarron, Seamus; Zuo, Dongmei; Shi, Zhenwei; Jepson, Daniel Ashley; Mohr, Stephanie; Fernandez, Mauricio J. (Public Library of Science, 2007)
      The rapid development of new technologies for the high throughput (HT) study of proteins has increased the demand for comprehensive plasmid clone resources that support protein expression. These clones must be full-length, ...
    • A Novel Approach to Sequence Validating Protein Expression Clones with Automated Decision Making 

      Taycher, Elena; Rolfs, Andreas; Hu, Yanhui; Zuo, Dongmei; Mohr, Stephanie; Williamson, Janice; LaBaer, Joshua (BioMed Central, 2007)
      Background: Whereas the molecular assembly of protein expression clones is readily automated and routinely accomplished in high throughput, sequence verification of these clones is still largely performed manually, an ...
    • Protein Structure Initiative Material Repository: an Open Shared Public Resource of Structural Genomics Plasmids for the Biological Community 

      Cormier, Catherine Y.; Kramer, Jason; Taycher, Elena; Kelley, Fontina; Fiacco, Michael; Turnbull, Greggory; LaBaer, Joshua; Mohr, Stephanie; Zuo, Dongmei; Hu, Yanhui; Rolfs, Andreas (Oxford University Press, 2009)
      The Protein Structure Initiative Material Repository (PSI-MR; provides centralized storage and distribution for the protein expression plasmids created by PSI researchers. These plasmids are a resource ...