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    • Whole-exome sequencing and clinical interpretation of FFPE tumor samples to guide precision cancer medicine 

      Allen, Eliezer M. Van; Wagle, Nikhil; Stojanov, Petar; Perrin, Danielle L.; Cibulskis, Kristian; Marlow, Sara; Jane-Valbuena, Judit; Friedrich, Dennis C.; Kryukov, Gregory; Carter, Scott L.; McKenna, Aaron; Sivachenko, Andrey; Rosenberg, Mara; Kiezun, Adam; Voet, Douglas; Lawrence, Michael; Lichtenstein, Lee T.; Gentry, Jeff G.; Huang, Franklin W.; Fostel, Jennifer; Farlow, Deborah; Barbie, David; Gandhi, Leena; Lander, Eric S.; Gray, Stacy W.; Joffe, Steven; Janne, Pasi; Garber, Judy; MacConaill, Laura; Lindeman, Neal; Rollins, Barrett; Kantoff, Philip; Fisher, Sheila A.; Gabriel, Stacey; Getz, Gad; Garraway, Levi A. (2013)
      Translating whole exome sequencing (WES) for prospective clinical use may impact the care of cancer patients; however, multiple innovations are necessary for clinical implementation. These include: (1) rapid and robust WES ...