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    • Accommodating Every Body 

      Stein, Michael Ashley; Silvers, Anita; Areheart, Bradley A.; Francis, Leslie P. (University of Chicago Press, 2014)
      This Article contends that workplace accommodations should be predicated on need or effectiveness instead of group identity status. It proposes that, in principle, “accommodating every body” be achieved by extending Americans ...
    • Cause Lawyering for People with Disabilities 

      Stein, Michael Ashley; Waterstone, Michael Evan; Wilkins, David B. (Harvard University, Harvard Law School, 2010)
      Almost since its enactment, scholars, policymakers, and jurists have been critical of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). In Law and Contradictions of the Disability Rights Movement, Professor Samuel Bagenstos moves ...
    • Disability Cause Lawyers 

      Waterstone, Michael E.; Stein, Michael Ashley; Wilkins, David B. (2012)
      There is a vast and growing cause lawyering literature demonstrating how attorneys and their relationship to social justice movements matter greatly for law’s ability to engender progress. But to date, there has been no ...