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    • MMinte: an application for predicting metabolic interactions among the microbial species in a community 

      Mendes-Soares, Helena; Soares, Luis Mendes; Mundy, Michael; Chia, Nicholas (BioMed Central, 2016)
      Background: The explosive growth of microbiome research has yielded great quantities of data. These data provide us with many answers, but raise just as many questions. 16S rDNA—the backbone of microbiome analyses—allows ...
    • Systematic Dissection of Roles for Chromatin Regulators in a Yeast Stress Response 

      Weiner, Assaf; Chen, Hsiuyi V.; Liu, Chih Long; Rahat, Ayelet; Klien, Avital; Soares, Luis; Gudipati, Mohanram; Pfeffner, Jenna; Regev, Aviv; Buratowski, Stephen; Pleiss, Jeffrey A.; Friedman, Nir; Rando, Oliver J. (Public Library of Science, 2012)
      Packaging of eukaryotic genomes into chromatin has wide-ranging effects on gene transcription. Curiously, it is commonly observed that deletion of a global chromatin regulator affects expression of only a limited subset ...