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    • Genetic Differences between the Determinants of Lipid Profile Phenotypes in African and European Americans: The Jackson Heart Study 

      Deo, Rahul Chandrakant; Reich, David Emil; Tandon, Arti; Akylbekova, Ermeg; Patterson, Nick; Waliszewska, Alicja; Kathiresan, Sekar; Sarpong, Daniel; Taylor, Herman A., Jr.; Wilson, James G. (Public Library of Science, 2009)
      Genome-wide association analysis in populations of European descent has recently found more than a hundred genetic variants affecting risk for common disease. An open question, however, is how relevant the variants discovered ...
    • A High-Density Admixture Scan in 1,670 African Americans with Hypertension 

      Patterson, Nick; McDonald, Gavin J; Haiman, Christopher A; Ardlie, Kristin; Henderson, Brian E; Henderson, Sean O; Leal, Suzanne M; Deo, Rahul Chandrakant; Tandon, Arti; Reich, David Emil (Public Library of Science, 2007)
      Hypertension (HTN) is a devastating disease with a higher incidence in African Americans than European Americans, inspiring searches for genetic variants that contribute to this difference. We report the results of a ...
    • Interpreting Metabolomic Profiles using Unbiased Pathway Models 

      Hunter, Luke; Pare, Guillaume; Vasan, Ramachandran S.; Lewis, Gregory D; Wang, Thomas Jue-Fuu; Chasman, Daniel Ian; Gerszten, Robert Edgardo; Deo, Rahul Chandrakant; Roth, Frederick Phillip (Public Library of Science, 2010)
      Human disease is heterogeneous, with similar disease phenotypes resulting from distinct combinations of genetic and environmental factors. Small-molecule profiling can address disease heterogeneity by evaluating the ...