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    • MAPK activation and HRAS mutation identified in pituitary spindle cell oncocytoma 

      Miller, Michael B.; Bi, Wenya Linda; Ramkissoon, Lori A.; Kang, Yun Jee; Abedalthagafi, Malak; Knoff, David S.; Agarwalla, Pankaj K.; Wen, Patrick Y.; Reardon, David A.; Alexander, Brian M.; Laws, Edward R.; Dunn, Ian F.; Beroukhim, Rameen; Ligon, Keith L.; Ramkissoon, Shakti H. (Impact Journals LLC, 2016)
      Pituitary spindle cell oncocytoma (SCO) is an uncommon primary pituitary neoplasm that presents with mass effect on adjacent neurovascular structures, similar to non-hormone-producing pituitary adenomas. To determine the ...
    • The neurosurgical anatomy of the sphenoid sinus and sellar floor in endoscopic transsphenoidal surgery 

      Zada, Gabriel; Agarwalla, Pankaj Kumar; Mukundan, Srinivasan; Dunn, Ian Frederick; Golby, Alexandra J.; Laws, Edward R. (Journal of Neurosurgery Publishing Group (JNSPG), 2011)
      Object A considerable degree of variability exists in the anatomy of the sphenoid sinus, sella turcica, and surrounding skull base structures. The authors aimed to characterize neuroimaging and intraoperative variations ...