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    • Loss of Foundation Species: Consequences for the Structure and Dynamics of Forested Ecosystems 

      Ellison, Aaron M.; Bank, Michael; Clinton, Barton D.; Colburn, Betsy A.; Elliott, Katherine; Ford, Chelcy R.; Foster, David Russell; Kloeppel, Brian D.; Knoepp, Jennifer D.; Lovett, Gary M.; Mohan, Jacqueline; Orwig, David Alan; Rodenhouse, Nicholas L.; Sobczak, William V.; Stinson, Kristina A.; Stone, Jeffrey K.; Swan, Christopher M.; Thompson, Jill; Holle, Betsy Von; Webster, Jackson R. (Wiley-Blackwell, 2005)
      In many forested ecosystems, the architecture and functional ecology of certain tree species define forest structure and their species-specific traits control ecosystem dynamics. Such foundation tree species are declining ...
    • Meeting Report: Methylmercury in Marine Ecosystems—From Sources to Seafood Consumers 

      Chen, Celia Y.; Serrell, Nancy Ann; Evers, David C.; Fleishman, Bethany J.; Lambert, Kathleen Fallon; Weiss, Jeri; Mason, Robert P.; Bank, Michael S (National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, 2008)
      Mercury and other contaminants in coastal and open-ocean ecosystems are an issue of great concern globally and in the United States, where consumption of marine fish and shellfish is a major route of human exposure to ...