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    • Convergent regulatory evolution and loss of flight in paleognathous birds 

      Sackton, Timothy; Grayson, Phil; Cloutier, Alison; Hu, Zhirui; Liu, Jun S.; Wheeler, Nicole E.; Gardner, Paul P.; Clarke, Julia A.; Baker, Allan J.; Clamp, Michele; Edwards, Scott (American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), 2019-04-04)
      A core question in evolutionary biology is whether convergent phenotypic evolution is driven by convergent molecular changes in proteins or regulatory regions. We combined phylogenomic, developmental, and epigenomic analysis ...
    • Izumo1 and Juno: the evolutionary origins and coevolution of essential sperm–egg binding partners 

      Grayson, Phil (The Royal Society Publishing, 2015)
      Reproductive proteins are among the most rapidly evolving classes of proteins. For a subset of these, rapid evolution is driven by positive Darwinian selection despite vital, well-conserved, reproductive functions. Izumo1 ...