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    • Challenges in Prevention and Care Delivery for Women with Cervical Cancer in Sub-Saharan Africa 

      Randall, Thomas C.; Ghebre, Rahel (Frontiers Media S.A., 2016)
      Virtually all cases of invasive cervical cancer are associated with infection by high-risk strains of human papilloma virus. Effective primary and secondary prevention programs, as well as effective treatment for early-stage ...
    • Holographic Assessment of Lymphoma Tissue (HALT) for Global Oncology Field Applications 

      Pathania, Divya; Im, Hyungsoon; Kilcoyne, Aoife; Sohani, Aliyah R.; Fexon, Lioubov; Pivovarov, Misha; Abramson, Jeremy S.; Randall, Thomas C.; Chabner, Bruce A.; Weissleder, Ralph; Lee, Hakho; Castro, Cesar M. (Ivyspring International Publisher, 2016)
      Low-cost, rapid and accurate detection technologies are key requisites to cope with the growing global cancer challenges. The need is particularly pronounced in resource-limited settings where treatment opportunities are ...