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    • After the Fall: The Future of Global Cooperation 

      Frieden, Jeffry; Pettis, Michael; Rodrik, Dani; Zedillo, Ernesto (Centre for Economic Policy Research, 2012)
    • Diagnostics Before Prescription 

      Rodrik, Dani (American Economic Association, 2010)
      Development economists should stop acting as categorical advocates (or detractors) for specific approaches to development. They should instead be diagnosticians, helping decisionmakers choose the right model (and remedy) ...
    • Distributive Politics and Economic Growth 

      Alesina, Alberto; Rodrik, Dani (MIT Press, 1994)
      We study the relationship between politics and economic growth in a simple model of endogenous growth with distributive conflict among agents endowed with varying capital/labor shares. We establish several results regarding ...
    • The Future of Convergence 

      Rodrik, Dani (John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, 2011)
      Novelists have a better track record than economists at foretelling the future. Consider then Gary Shteyngart’s timely comic novel “Super Sad True Love Story” (Random House, 2010), which provides a rather graphic vision ...
    • Making Room for China in the World Economy 

      Rodrik, Dani (American Economic Association, 2010)
    • What Models Do 

      Rodrik, Dani (Oxford University Press, 2015)