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    • Association of anxiety with intracortical inhibition and descending pain modulation in chronic myofascial pain syndrome 

      Vidor, Liliane Pinto; Torres, Iraci LS; Medeiros, Liciane Fernandes; Dussán-Sarria, Jairo Alberto; Dall’Agnol, Letizzia; Deitos, Alicia; Brietzke, Aline; Laste, Gabriela; Rozisky, Joanna R; Fregni, Felipe; Caumo, Wolnei (BioMed Central, 2014)
      Background: This study aimed to answer three questions related to chronic myofascial pain syndrome (MPS): 1) Is the motor cortex excitability, as assessed by transcranial magnetic stimulation parameters (TMS), related to ...