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    • High-Throughput Phenotyping With Electronic Medical Record Data Using a Common Semi-Supervised Approach (PheCAP) 

      Zhang, Yichi; Cai, Tianrun; Yu, Sheng; Cho, Kelly; Hong, Chuan; Sun, Jiehuan; Huang, Jie; Xia, Zongqi; Castro, Victor; Gagnon, David; Savova, Guergana; Churchill, Susanne; Gaziano, John; Kohane, Isaac; Cai, Tianxi; Ho, Yuk-Lam; Ananthakrishnan, Ashwin; Shaw, Stanley; Gainer, Vivian; Link, Nicholas; Honerlaw, Jacqueline; Huong, Sicong; Karlson, Elizabeth; Plenge, Robert; Szolovits, Peter; O'Donnell, Christopher; Murphy, Shawn; Liao, Katherine (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2019-11-20)
      Phenotypes are the foundation for clinical and genetic studies of disease risk and outcomes. The growth of biobanks linked to electronic medical record (EMR) data has both facilitated and increased the demand for efficient, ...