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    • Covert Waking Brain Activity Reveals Instantaneous Sleep Depth 

      McKinney, Scott M.; Dang-Vu, Thien Thanh; Buxton, Orfeu Marcello; Solet, Jo Marie; Ellenbogen, Jeffrey Michael (Public Library of Science, 2011)
      The neural correlates of the wake-sleep continuum remain incompletely understood, limiting the development of adaptive drug delivery systems for promoting sleep maintenance. The most useful measure for resolving early ...
    • Memory for Semantically Related and Unrelated Declarative Information: The Benefit of Sleep, the Cost of Wake 

      Payne, Jessica D.; Tucker, Matthew; Ellenbogen, Jeffrey; Wamsley, Erin; Walker, Matthew P.; Schacter, Daniel L.; Stickgold, Robert A. (Public Library of Science, 2012)
      Numerous studies have examined sleep's influence on a range of hippocampus-dependent declarative memory tasks, from text learning to spatial navigation. In this study, we examined the impact of sleep, wake, and time-of-day ...
    • The Sleeping Brain's Influence on Verbal Memory: Boosting Resistance to Interference 

      Ellenbogen, Jeffrey Michael; Hulbert, Justin C.; Jiang, Ying; Stickgold, Robert A. (Public Library of Science, 2009)
      Memories evolve. After learning something new, the brain initiates a complex set of post-learning processing that facilitates recall (i.e., consolidation). Evidence points to sleep as one of the determinants of that change. ...