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    • Surface and Lightning Sources of Nitrogen Oxides over the United States: Magnitudes, Chemical Evolution, and Outflow 

      Hudman, R. C.; Jacob, Daniel J.; Turquety, Solene; Leibensperger, Eric Michael; Murray, Lee Thomas; Wu, S.; Gilliland, A. B.; Avery, M.; Bertram, T. H.; Brune, W.; Cohen, R. C.; Dibb, J. E.; Flocke, F. M.; Fried, A.; Holloway, J.; Neuman, J. A.; Orville, R.; Perring, A.; Ren, X.; Sachse, G. W.; Singh, H. B.; Swanson, A.; Wooldridge, P. J. (American Geophysical Union, 2007)
      We use observations from two aircraft during the ICARTT campaign over the eastern United States and North Atlantic during summer 2004, interpreted with a global 3-D model of tropospheric chemistry (GEOS-Chem) to test current ...