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    • Age cutoff for Epstein-Barr virus-positive diffuse large B-cell lymphoma–is it necessary? 

      Ok, Chi Young; Ye, Qing; Li, Ling; Manyam, Ganiraju C.; Deng, Lijuan; Goswami, Rashmi R.; Wang, Xiaoxiao; Montes-Moreno, Santiago; Visco, Carlo; Tzankov, Alexandar; Dybkaer, Karen; Zhang, Li; Abramson, Jeremy; Sohani, Aliyah R.; Chiu, April; Orazi, Attilio; Zu, Youli; Bhagat, Govind; Richards, Kristy L.; Hsi, Eric D.; Choi, William W.L.; van Krieken, J. Han; Huh, Jooryung; Ponzoni, Maurilio; Ferreri, Andrés J.M.; Zhang, Shanxiang; Parsons, Ben M.; Xu, Mina; Møller, Michael B.; Winter, Jane N.; Piris, Miguel A.; Xu-Monette, Zijun Y.; Medeiros, L. Jeffrey; Young, Ken H. (Impact Journals LLC, 2015)
      Epstein-Barr virus-positive diffuse large B-cell lymphoma of the elderly (EBV+ DLBCL-e) is a molecularly distinct variant of DLBCL, characterized by a monoclonal B-cell proliferation that occurs in patients >50 years of ...
    • Holographic Assessment of Lymphoma Tissue (HALT) for Global Oncology Field Applications 

      Pathania, Divya; Im, Hyungsoon; Kilcoyne, Aoife; Sohani, Aliyah R.; Fexon, Lioubov; Pivovarov, Misha; Abramson, Jeremy S.; Randall, Thomas C.; Chabner, Bruce A.; Weissleder, Ralph; Lee, Hakho; Castro, Cesar M. (Ivyspring International Publisher, 2016)
      Low-cost, rapid and accurate detection technologies are key requisites to cope with the growing global cancer challenges. The need is particularly pronounced in resource-limited settings where treatment opportunities are ...
    • Unanswered Questions in HIV Hematology 

      Leitch, Heather A.; Abramson, Jeremy Slade; Cheung, Matthew C.; Hicks, Lisa K. (Hindawi Publishing Corporation, 2012)