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    • A Novel T55A Variant of Gsα Associated with Impaired cAMP Production, Bone Fragility, and Osteolysis 

      Wentworth, Kelly; Hsing, Alyssa; Urrutia, Ashley; Zhu, Yan; Horvai, Andrew E.; Bastepe, Murat; Hsiao, Edward C. (Hindawi Publishing Corporation, 2016)
      G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs) mediate a wide spectrum of biological activities. The GNAS complex locus encodes the stimulatory alpha subunit of the guanine nucleotide binding protein (Gsα) and regulates production ...
    • The β-blocker Nebivolol Is a GRK/β-arrestin Biased Agonist 

      Erickson, Catherine E.; Gul, Rukhsana; Blessing, Christopher P.; Nguyen, Jenny; Liu, Tammy; Pulakat, Lakshmi; Bastepe, Murat; Jackson, Edwin K.; Andresen, Bradley T. (Public Library of Science, 2013)
      Nebivolol, a third generation β-adrenoceptor (β-AR) antagonist (β-blocker), causes vasodilation by inducing nitric oxide (NO) production. The mechanism via which nebivolol induces NO production remains unknown, resulting ...