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    • BICEP2 / Keck Array IX: New Bounds on Anisotropies of CMB Polarization Rotation and Implications for Axionlike Particles and Primordial Magnetic Fields 

      Ade, P. A. R.; Ahmed, Z.; Aikin, R. W.; Alexander, K. D.; Barkats, D.; Benton, S. J.; Bischoff, C. A.; Bock, J. J.; Bowens-Rubin, R.; Brevik, J. A.; Buder, I.; Bullock, E.; Buza, Victor; Connors, J.; Crill, B. P.; Duband, L.; Dvorkin, Cora; Filippini, J. P.; Fliescher, S.; St. Germaine, Tyler; Ghosh, T.; Grayson, J.; Harrison, Steven; Hildebrandt, S. R.; Hilton, G. C.; Hui, H.; Irwin, K. D.; Kang, J.; Karkare, K. S.; Karpel, E.; Kaufman, J. P.; Keating, B. G.; Kefeli, S.; Kernasovskiy, S. A.; Kovac, John; Kuo, C. L.; Larson, N.; Leitch, E. M.; Megerian, K. G.; Moncelsi, L.; Namikawa, T.; Netterfield, C. B.; Nguyen, H. T.; O’Brient, R.; Ogburn, R. W.; Pryke, C.; Richter, S.; Schillaci, A.; Schwarz, R.; Sheehy, C. D.; Staniszewski, Z. K.; Steinbach, B.; Sudiwala, R. V.; Teply, G. P.; Thompson, K. L.; Tolan, J. E.; Tucker, C.; Turner, A. D.; Vieregg, A; Weber, A. C.; Wiebe, D. V.; Willmert, J.; Wong, C; Wu, W. L. K.; Yoon, K. W. (American Physical Society (APS), 2017-11-09)
      We present the strongest constraints to date on anisotropies of cosmic microwave background (CMB) polarization rotation derived from 150 GHz data taken by the BICEP2 & Keck Array CMB experiments up to and including the ...
    • Optical characterization of the BICEP3 CMB polarimeter at the South Pole 

      Karkare, Kirit Sukrit; Ade, P. A. R.; Ahmed, Z.; Alexander, Kate Denham; Amiri, M.; Barkats, Denis A.; Benton, S. J.; Bischoff, Colin A.; Bock, J. J.; Boenish, H.; Bowens-Rubin, R; Buder, I; Bullock, E.; Buza, Victor; Connors, Jake Anthony; Filippini, J. P.; Fliescher, S. T.; Grayson, J. A.; Halpern, M.; Harrison, Sarah; Hilton, G. C.; Hristov, V. V.; Hui, H.; Irwin, K. D.; Kang, J. H.; Karpel, E.; Kefeli, S.; Kernasovskiy, S. A.; Kovac, John M; Kuo, C. L.; Leitch, E. M.; Lueker, M.; Megerian, K. G.; Monticue, V.; Namikawa, T.; Netterfield, C. B.; Nguyen, H. T.; O, R.; Ogburn, R. W.; Pryke, C; Reintsema, C. D.; Richter, Sonja Valeska; St. Germaine, Tyler Tyler; Schwarz, R.; Sheehy, C. D.; Staniszewski, Z. K.; Steinbach, B.; Teply, G. P.; Thompson, K. L.; Tolan, J. E.; Tucker, C.; Turner, A. D.; Vieregg, A. G.; Wandui, A.; Weber, A.; Willmert, J.; Wong, C; Wu, W. L. K.; Yoon, K. W. (2016)
      Bicep3 is a small-aperture refracting cosmic microwave background (CMB) telescope designed to make sensitive polarization maps in pursuit of a potential B-mode signal from inflationary gravitational waves. It is the latest ...