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    • Alzheimery's disease pathology is associated with early alterations in brain DNA methylation at ANK1, BIN1, RHBDF2 and other loci 

      De Jager, PL; Srivastava, G; Lunnon, K; Burgess, J; Schalkwyk, LC; Yu, L; Eaton, ML; Keenan, BT; Ernst, J; McCabe, C; Tang, A; Raj, T; Replogle, J; Brodeur, W; Gabriel, S; Chai, HS; Younkin, C; Younkin, SG; Zou, F; Szyf, M; Epstein, CB; Schneider, JA; Bernstein, BE; Meissner, A; Ertekin-Taner, N; Chibnik, LB; Kellis, M; Mill, J; Bennett, DA (2014)
      Here, we leverage a unique collection of 708 prospectively collected autopsied brains to assess the methylation state of the brain's DNA in relation to Alzheimer's disease (AD). We find that the level of methylation at 71 ...