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    • Antigen-specific NK cell memory in rhesus macaques 

      Reeves, R. Keith; Li, Haiying; Jost, Stephanie; Blass, Eryn; Li, Hualin; Schafer, Jamie L.; Varner, Valerie; Manickam, Cordelia; Eslamizar, Leila; Altfeld, Marcus; von Andrian, Ulrich H.; Barouch, Dan H. (2015)
      Natural killer (NK) cells have traditionally been considered nonspecific components of innate immunity, but recent studies have shown features of antigen-specific memory in murine NK cells. However, it has remained unclear ...
    • Modeling HCV disease in animals: virology, immunology and pathogenesis of HCV and GBV-B infections 

      Manickam, Cordelia; Reeves, R. Keith (Frontiers Media S.A., 2014)
      Hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection has become a global public health burden costing billions of dollars in health care annually. Even with rapidly advancing scientific technologies this disease still poses a significant ...