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    • Chromatin Signature Identifies Monoallelic Gene Expression Across Mammalian Cell Types 

      Nag, Anwesha; Vigneau, Sébastien; Savova, Virginia; Zwemer, Lillian M.; Gimelbrant, Alexander A. (Genetics Society of America, 2015)
      Monoallelic expression of autosomal genes (MAE) is a widespread epigenetic phenomenon which is poorly understood, due in part to current limitations of genome-wide approaches for assessing it. Recently, we reported that a ...
    • Chromatin signature of widespread monoallelic expression 

      Nag, Anwesha; Savova, Virginia; Fung, Ho-Lim; Miron, Alexander; Yuan, Guo-Cheng; Zhang, Kun; Gimelbrant, Alexander A (eLife Sciences Publications, Ltd, 2013)
      In mammals, numerous autosomal genes are subject to mitotically stable monoallelic expression (MAE), including genes that play critical roles in a variety of human diseases. Due to challenges posed by the clonal nature of ...