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    • Antiretroviral dynamics determines HIV evolution and predicts therapy outcome 

      Rosenbloom, Daniel Scholes; Hill, Alison Lynn; Rabi, S. Alireza; Siliciano, Robert F.; Nowak, Martin A. (Nature Publishing Group, 2012)
      Despite the high inhibition of viral replication achieved by current anti-HIV drugs, many patients fail treatment, often with emergence of drug-resistant virus. Clinical observations show that the relationship between ...
    • Dynamics of infection, mutation, and eradication, in HIV and other evolving populations 

      Rosenbloom, Daniel Scholes (2013-10-08)
      This work uses mathematical models of evolutionary dynamics to address clinical questions about HIV treatment, public health questions about vaccination, and theoretical questions about evolution of high mutation rates.
    • Imitation Dynamics of Vaccination Behaviour on Social Networks 

      Fu, Feng; Rosenbloom, Daniel I; Wang, Longfei; Nowak, Martin A. (Royal Society of London, 2011)
      The problem of achieving widespread immunity to infectious diseases by voluntary vaccination is often presented as a public-goods dilemma, as an individual's vaccination contributes to herd immunity, protecting those who ...