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    • Diet rapidly and reproducibly alters the human gut microbiome 

      David, Lawrence A.; Maurice, Corinne F.; Carmody, Rachel N.; Gootenberg, David B.; Button, Julie E.; Wolfe, Benjamin E.; Ling, Alisha V.; Devlin, A. Sloan; Varma, Yug; Fischbach, Michael A.; Biddinger, Sudha B.; Dutton, Rachel J.; Turnbaugh, Peter J. (2013)
      Long-term diet influences the structure and activity of the trillions of microorganisms residing in the human gut1–5, but it remains unclear how rapidly and reproducibly the human gut microbiome responds to short-term ...
    • Flavin-containing monooxygenase 3 as a potential player in diabetes-associated atherosclerosis 

      Miao, Ji; Ling, Alisha V.; Manthena, Praveen V.; Gearing, Mary E.; Graham, Mark J.; Crooke, Rosanne M.; Croce, Kevin J.; Esquejo, Ryan M.; Clish, Clary B.; Torrecilla, Esther; Vázquez, Gumersindo Fernández; Rubio, Miguel A.; Cabrerizo, Lucio; Barabash, Ana; Pernaute, Andrés Sánchez; Torres, Antonio J.; Vicent, David; Biddinger, Sudha B. (Nature Pub. Group, 2015)
      Despite the well-documented association between insulin resistance and cardiovascular disease, the key targets of insulin relevant to the development of cardiovascular disease are not known. Here, using non-biased profiling ...
    • The Role of Hepatic FoxO1 in Insulin Resistance 

      Ling, Alisha Viva (2015-05-18)
      Metabolic syndrome is a major health concern in the US, affecting a third of all adults and amplifying the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. The central pathophysiological root of metabolic syndrome is widely ...