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    • Growth Differentiation Factor 11 Is a Circulating Factor that Reverses Age-Related Cardiac Hypertrophy 

      Loffredo, Francesco; Steinhauser, Matthew L.; Jay, Steven M.; Gannon, Joseph; Pancoast, James R.; Yalamanchi, Pratyusha; Sinha, Manisha; Dall’Osso, Claudia; Khong, Danika Mei Po; Shadrach, J; Miller, Christine; Singer, Britta S.; Stewart, Alex; Psychogios, Nikolaos; Gerszten, Robert Edgardo; Hartigan, Adam J.; Kim, Mi-Jeong; Serwold, Thomas Francis; Wagers, Amy Jo; Lee, Richard Theodore (Elsevier BV, 2013)
      The most common form of heart failure occurs with normal systolic function and often involves cardiac hypertrophy in the elderly. To clarify the biological mechanisms that drive cardiac hypertrophy in aging, we tested ...
    • Restoring Systemic GDF11 Levels Reverses Age-Related Dysfunction in Mouse Skeletal Muscle 

      Sinha, M; Jang, Y. C.; Oh, Juhyun; Khong, Danika Mei Po; Wu, Elizabeth Y; Manohar, Rohan; Miller, Christine; Regalado, Samuel G.; Loffredo, F; Pancoast, James R.; Hirshman, Michael F; Lebowitz, Jessica; Shadrach, Jennifer; Cerletti, Massimiliano; Kim, Mi Jeong; Serwold, Thomas Francis; Goodyear, Laurie Joy; Rosner, Bernard Alfred; Lee, Richard Theodore; Wagers, Amy Jo (American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), 2014)
      Parabiosis experiments indicate that impaired regeneration in aged mice is reversible by exposure to a young circulation, suggesting that young blood contains humoral “rejuvenating” factors that can restore regenerative ...