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    • An algorithm for optimal fusion of atlases with different labeling protocols 

      Iglesias, Juan Eugenio; Sabuncu, Mert Rory; Aganj, Iman; Bhatt, Priyanka; Casillas, Christen; Salat, David H.; Boxer, Adam; Fischl, Bruce R.; Van Leemput, Koen (Elsevier BV, 2015)
      In this paper we present a novel label fusion algorithm suited for scenarios in which different manual delineation protocols with potentially disparate structures have been used to annotate the training scans (hereafter ...
    • Motion Detection in Diffusion MRI via Online ODF Estimation 

      Caruyer, Emmanuel; Aganj, Iman; Lenglet, Christophe; Sapiro, Guillermo; Deriche, Rachid (Hindawi Publishing Corporation, 2013)
      The acquisition of high angular resolution diffusion MRI is particularly long and subject motion can become an issue. The orientation distribution function (ODF) can be reconstructed online incrementally from diffusion-weighted ...