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    • The Cdc42 inhibitor secramine B prevents cAMP-induced K+ conductance in intestinal epithelial cells 

      Pelish, Henry Efrem; Ciesla, William; Tanaka, Nori; Reddy, Krishna Podditur; Shair, Matthew David; Kirchhausen, Tomas Leopold; Lencer, Wayne Isaac (Elsevier BV, 2006)
      Cyclic AMP- (cAMP) and calcium-dependent agonists stimulate chloride secretion through the coordinated activation of distinct apical and basolateral membrane channels and ion transporters in mucosal epithelial cells. Defects ...
    • Identification of Mediator Kinase Substrates in Human Cells using Cortistatin A and Quantitative Phosphoproteomics 

      Poss, Zachary C.; Ebmeier, Christopher C.; Odell, Aaron T.; Tangpeerachaikul, Anupong; Lee, Thomas; Pelish, Henry Efrem; Shair, Matthew David; Dowell, Robin D.; Old, William M.; Taatjes, Dylan J. (Elsevier BV, 2016)
      Cortistatin A (CA) is a highly selective inhibitor of the Mediator kinases CDK8 and CDK19. Using CA, we now report a large-scale identification of Mediator kinase substrates in human cells (HCT116). We identified over ...
    • Mediator Kinase Inhibition Further Activates Super-Enhancer Associated Genes in AML 

      Pelish, Henry E.; Liau, Brian B.; Nitulescu, Ioana I.; Tangpeerachaikul, Anupong; Poss, Zachary C.; Da Silva, Diogo H.; Caruso, Brittany T.; Arefolov, Alexander; Fadeyi, Olugbeminiyi; Christie, Amanda L.; Du, Karrie; Banka, Deepti; Schneider, Elisabeth V.; Jestel, Anja; Zou, Ge; Si, Chong; Ebmeier, Christopher C.; Bronson, Roderick T.; Krivtsov, Andrei V.; Myers, Andrew G.; Kohl, Nancy E.; Kung, Andrew L.; Armstrong, Scott A.; Lemieux, Madeleine E.; Taatjes, Dylan J.; Shair, Matthew D. (2015)
      Super-enhancers (SEs), which are composed of large clusters of enhancers densely loaded with the Mediator complex, transcription factors (TFs), and chromatin regulators, drive high expression of genes implicated in cell ...