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    • Association of HLA-DRB1-restricted CD4+ T cell responses with HIV immune control 

      Ranasinghe, Srinika; Cutler, Sam; Davis, Isaiah; Lu, Richard; Soghoian, Damien Z.; Qi, Ying; Sidney, John; Kranias, Gregory; Flanders, Michael; Lindqvist, Madelene; Kuhl, Bjorn; Alter, Galit; Deeks, Steven G.; Walker, Bruce D.; Gao, Xiaojiang; Sette, Alessandro; Carrington, Mary; Streeck, Hendrik (2013)
      The contribution of HLA class II-restricted CD4+ T cell responses to HIV immune control is poorly defined. Here, we delineated novel peptide-DRB1 restrictions in functional assays and analyzed the host genetic effects of ...
    • HIV-Specific CD4 T Cells and Viral Control 

      Soghoian, Damien Zadour (2015-01-15)
      CD4 T cells play an important and central role in the immune system, coordinating the arms of the adaptive immune system to shape an effective response while simultaneously regulating non-essential or deleterious activities. ...